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Meet Sankofa

Meet Sankofa

Adinkra a group of symbols of the Fante, Akan, Ashanti and the Akuapem from Ghana. 

Akoma is the heart symbol in the middle that represents patience and tolerance. 

Ananse Ntontan is the spider web shape symbolic for wisdom, craftiness, creativity, and the complexities of life. 

Owia Kokroko is the round symbol in the middle and represents the greatness of the sun, vitality and renewal 

Sankofa is the bird in the center. Notice that the bird is looking back but its feet are facing forward. Sankofa stands for “return and go get it”. 

Traditionally, The mythical bird is effortfully bending its neck to reach back for an egg signifies the diligence and effort required to pay reverence to the past. In my rendition, the bird is reaching back to pull from the wisdom and creativity of the past to build upon it. Its feet are facing forward to symbolize forward momentum into the future while bringing the wisdom and creativity of the past with it. Sankofa is a gentle admonition that even if we forget where and who we come from we can and should be humble and get back to our roots. As the saying goes those who do not know history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

This piece was submitted to the 2nd annual Artist Day Challenge at Minted. Check it out here

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