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Gallery Walls | Top Four Layout Options to Consider

Gallery Walls | Top Four Layout Options to Consider

Top Four Layout Options to Consider

A gallery wall is a collection of artwork, photos, and special mementos stylishly arranged on a wall. There are countless styles and gallery wall layout ideas that can be achieved on the walls of every room of your home. Lets review style and arrangement ideas, some quick and easy how-to's



If you’re looking to create a contemporary look with clean lines, a grid arrangement may be perfect for you. Each frame should be the same size and shape to create an organized grid formation.

Photo credit: Unsplash



Create an imaginary line (or even place some painter’s tape in a line across a wall). All artwork at the bottom of your gallery wall can start at that height and go up (in different patterns). Or the start line could be at the top of your wall and arrangements can cascade down from it.

Photo credit: Unsplash



Among the many different gallery wall ideas lies the statement piece. Choose one large main piece of wall art that captures most of a viewer’s attention. Other smaller pieces can be arranged around that statement piece in formations of your choosing. Remember to maintain spacing and leveling around the piece.

Photo credit: Unsplash



This option allows for an easy seasonal refresh. Purchase ledge style shelves and layer your pieces with flowers and other little treasures along the shelves to create a unique collection.

photo credit: Real Simple

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